Apartments Villa Bubi Strnjan Pula, Istria, Croatia, Adriatic sea


High cutomer satitsfaction : Apartments Villa Bubi, situated near Pula in Istria, with beautiful apartments for your holidays and vacations by the sea on the Croatian Adriatic.
 In the small picturesque place Štinjan, near Pula in Istria, surrounded by tamed beaches, the beautiful Brijuni archipelago, ancient olive trees and fragrant pine tree forests, nearby many attractive sports, entertainment and gastronomic facilities, which perfectly join relaxation with a fun and relaxed vacation, close to the sea, is where the Villa Bubi is situated.

If you want to spend a pleasant vacation in peace and quiet, after hard and stressful work, with your own parking lot with a 24 hour video surveillance, and if you are a fan of barbecues, making cutlets, of barbecued dishes or dishes backed under the Sač, and if you enjoy fresh fish caught by local fishermen, Villa Bubi is the right place for your vacation.

Villa Bubi is one of the few that has a Tim-studio apartment which has been completely remodeled and adapted for people with disabilities!

 After, of course, sunbathing on beautiful beaches and swimming in crystal clear blue sea, you can, step by step, discover the three thousand years of Pula´s history, enjoy the panorama of the waters of Pula, islands surrounding us, magnificent sea green interior of Istria, gifts and scents of its long Mediterranean tradition, all year long.

If you come to Istria without tasting its gastronomic specialities and fine sorts of wines, you will miss something truly exceptional.

Largest city of Istria county, in Croatia, Pula is located at the southern tip of the peninsula, in the middle of a region known for its unspoiled nature. Surrounded by seven hills, the city offers amazing views on the Adriatic Sea and its great surroundings. Former Roman administrative centre of the area, Pula has many ancient monuments such as the Arch of the Sergi, the Temple of Augustus and a well-preserved amphitheatre.

Pula is a great holiday destination with its mild climate, its beautiful sea and fresh food, as well as traditions like wine-making and fishing. This human-sized and easy going city is the place to go to discover Croatia and the Adriatic region.

At the end of Istra Peninsula you can find various beautiful beaches all protected under National park Kamenjak. Now there is only one wooden bar called Safari Bar at the south part of Kamenjak. Covered with old dried grass and constructed in a way that will not affect natural surface it is a pleasant place for cold lemonade or a hamburger.

As mentioned you have a wide rage of different types of beaches. From high cliffs (up to 13 meters – 40 feet’s) all the way to sandy beach in Eastern bay ideal for anchoring for sailboats. A bit to the west you can see also interesting Lighthouse Pomer where you can sleep over if you have bigger budget.


  • Sb - Valleyball
  • Sb - Water scuter re
  • Sn - Adrenaline park
  • Sn - Ambulance near
  • Sn - Bar
  • Sn - Bus stop
  • Sn - Centre near
  • Sn - Clubbing
  • Sn - Fkk beach
  • Sn - Glass ship
  • Sn - Market
  • Sn - Partyes nearby
  • Sn - Pebble beach ne
  • Sn - Pool nearby
  • Sn - Rent a car
  • Sn - Restaurant
  • Sn - Sandy beach
  • Sn - Scuter rent
  • Sn - Ship tours
  • Sn - Shop nearby
  • Sn - Train station
  • Sn - Trips
  • Sn - Wather park
  • Ss - Fishing
  • Ss - Fitness near
  • Ss - Hiking
  • Ss - Riding
  • Ss - Scuba
  • Ss - Skilift
  • Ss - Tennis courts
  • Ss - Walking paths
  • Ss- Bycycle paths
  • St - Beach
  • St - Water sports
  • A - 2 bedrooms
  • A - Air condition
  • A - Beautiful view
  • A - Ground floor
  • A - Own teracce
  • A - Radio
  • A - Room service
  • A - Television
  • Ak - Microwave
  • Ak - Washing mashine
  • Ak - Wifi
  • Ar - Shower
  • P - Barbecue
  • P - Family Friendly
  • P - Fenced
  • P - Frogy like it!
  • P - Garden
  • P - Information
  • P - Iron
  • P - Not on island
  • P - Parking
  • P - Playground
  • P - Quiet/Rural
  • P - Sauna
  • Sb - Beach bar
  • Beach less 1 km
  • Sb - Beach suitable
  • Sb - Play area
  • Sb - Rent wather pro
  • Sb - Rocky beach
  • Sb - Skiing on wathe
  • Sb - Slide
  • Sb - Surfing area

Area activities

You’ll never find water that is more blue-green, clear and clean, than the one that fills the space between more than 30 bays and 11 islets of Cape Kamenjak.

Hidden from the human eye, at first glance a desert peninsula, which extends along the 30 kilometers long and 1.5 kilometers broad coast, is the most southern part of Istria at the top of the cape, and its name is Kamenjak. This peninsula is a protected nature reserve, 15 kilometers south of Pula, full of diverse and endemic flora and fauna that attracts the eye with its colors and unusual shapes. Part of the mystic flora makes the pine forest on the eastern side, which envelops several secluded places to swim along the pebbly shores.

After you’ve finished touring the peninsula, tired, thirsty, and maybe hungry, you should visit the safari bar and let yourself feel like in a small jungle. This is definitely a place where you will feel the exotic side of the peninsula. A place made of branches, wood floats and bamboo sticks, is the perfect place to relax during the day or evening. The bar will serve you delicious fish, calamaris, sandwiches and sangria, beer, wine, soda or water. There is a playground for children with swings a slide and table tennis. This place is really amazing and unique!

If I would be at your place, I would do one more thing. I would prepare my camera and take a walk about 300 meters to the right of the western entrance to the beach. It extends a trail 600 meters long, surrounded by actual size models of dinosaurs, which makes a small Jurasic park of Cape Kamenjak. This is a perfect place for children and adults to learn something about dinosaurs. The trail leads to Cape Grakalovac which contains 12 dinosaur footprints. On the island Fenoliga, there are also about 100 dinosaur footprints and thus made the place one of the richest sites of dinosaur foot prints in the world. The island is only accessible by boat.

After you have reviewed all the beauty of Cape Kamenjak, and for one day felt like on the island of Robinson Crusoe, sit yourself on the beach and enjoy the most beautiful sunset that illuminates the clear waters of the Adriatic Sea. Realise how beautiful, how breathtaking, a nature park like this is and feel what it is to be at one of the most beautiful places in the world.

In the middle of island Porer is a 35 meter high lighthouse named Lighthouse Porer, built in 1833 and maintained by the two lighthouse keepers. The island is 2.5 kilometers located from the mainland of Premantura. Porer represents a mystical beauty of the Adriatic sea.

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