Apartment Nevenka Lumbarda island Korčula, Dalmatia, Croatia, Adriatic sea


Affordable apartments, great for families with children, or for one or two couples, who have all the benefits to make your holiday even more enjoyable. Beautiful balconies with sea view, air conditioning, television, internet. The sea and the beach are about 20 meters away, and you will find a nice beach and clear sea. Beautiful view, natural shade of pine trees and the noise of the sea, the waves offer a unique experience of the Adriatic Sea.

Nearby there are restaurants, the center of the village is a couple of minutes walk, there you have a tourist office, post office, shop, pizzerias, souvenir shops and much more. Your hosts are a pleasant island family, simple and helpful, happy to be our guests.

Lumbarda is famous for its two sandy beaches, which are also excellent for children. These are Bilin Žal and Prržina. Apartments Nevenka Jukič are 20 meters from the first beach, they are located in a beautiful family house, surrounded by greenery, flowers and fruit trees. The Mediterranean lush vegetation continues to the sea, where it offers a rich, pleasant shade on the beach. Apartments Nevenka in Lumbarda are ideal for family vacations, or for group holidays of 10 to 12 friends, and the most for lovers of nautical tourism and water sports in beautiful nature. Far from the city bustle you will be offered the necessary peace and real disconnect here. A true oasis of tranquility with a pearly clean sea. The beach is surrounded by pine trees and has beach lounges. All apartments have graciously beautiful panoramic views of the sea. In addition to this, you also have a holiday present here for your well-deserved vacation: simple cozy Dalmatian genuine hospitality, cleanliness and care to make you as beautiful as possible with us.

We have three apartments for two to four people. Each apartment has a fully equipped kitchen, one bedroom with a double bed, a bathroom and a terrace with a view to the sea. In the kitchen of the two apartments there are one-sided beds and one single bed.

Apartments have air conditioning, TV and internet access. Parking is provided on the fenced yard next to the house. Friendly hosts, locals and peaceful family atmosphere in these apartments are most appreciated by guests and provide a relaxed and pleasant holiday in the idyllic small Dalmatian town of Lumbarda on the island of Korčula.

Lumbarda is a small fishing village, surrounded by a picturesque landscape with a rich coastline, decorated with sandy beaches, clear crystal sea, narcotic scents of Mediterranean plants, olive groves and vineyards. Lumbarda is located on the southeastern cape, a peninsula with lush forests of the greyish island of Korcula. It is 6 km from the old town of Korcula, a small town of Dubrovnik. This is the birthplace of Marco Polo, a green island with a rich tradition and fantastic sword dances. If you did not know that Marko Polo was born here before coming to Korcula, you can not leave without knowing. His name is everywhere.

Here is also the home of the two best varieties of white wine in Croatia, Posipa, whose heart is Čara, and the Greka (a wonderful name for wine, right?) That connects with the sand vineyards of Lumbarda. This is a very beaved white wine that has a sweet aroma of a liqueur. In Lumbarda there are vineyards all the way to the coast, and on both sides of the road, if there are no olives, almonds or sunflowers. And there in the middle of a vineyard a medieval chapel that seemed to fall from the sky.

Lumbarda is home to twenty small islands, among them the best known island of Badija, and the island of Vrnik, where more and more tourists are going to enjoy the beautiful beaches. In Lumbarda itself there are two beautiful beaches, the beach Bilin Žal and Vela Prržina. Velo Przino, the citizens of New York, were ranked among the 10 most beautiful beaches in the world.

In the very center of Lumbarda there are some bars, restaurants offering traditional Dalmatian dishes, especially delicious grilled fish with homemade olive oil and home-made white wine. Lumbarda is one of the most beautiful locations in Croatia, in a series of places that take a breath-taking view of the natural beauty of the visitor. In Croatian, there is a nice word "bonaca", which means a peaceful sea in a beautiful twilight in the evening on the Adriatic, without any winds of the wind, and the summer evenings in Korcula are exactly the same.

Archaeological monuments, old fortifications and churches testify to the rich history of these places, while entertainment and folklore programs during the summer months will make your vacation here more enjoyable. I also recommend a visit to the timeless settlement Smokvica. In terms of tradition, Smokvica is everything that Dalmatia once used to be. Here, the natives are still homeless, and their owners spend their lives carrying loads and people on the donkey. You will only be able to experience this in Dalmatia.

Vela Luka is also worth a visit. Her legend says that the hunting was good here, the biggest reward was deer. People were hunting food for food. And so once a hunter went hunting to provide food for the family. He stumbled into a deer, and when he wanted to shoot her, she turned into a nymph, a very nice woman, and asked him not to be killed. But the hunter was merciless and killed him anyway. He was God´s child, and God took such a rage that he sent a flood to the whole country. The flood was of such magnitude that it erased all the people here from the face of the earth, and the landscape turned into Vela Luka Bay.

In the time of Napoleon, after the second legend, here was a French soldier who was a baker by profession. The local residents of Korčula were as beautiful as they were today, and of course they followed a love story. The cruel reality of the war, however, coincided with this short love affair, and the French baker had to return home. His gift at departure was the cakes he prepared for his loved one from Korcula, with words and hope that he should never forget. But she did not know how to pronounce the French words, and so today in Lumbarda you get a delicious dessert called Lumblija.

Vineyards, these vast expanse of lush green vines stretch all the way from the sea. Korcula is very proud of its wine tradition, home-made wines are offered on every corner. It is an island of tradition, firmly anchored in the hearts of the islanders, the locals, who are proud and live with it, remain completely loyal in every occasion.



  • Pb - Sandy
  • Beach less 1 km
  • Beach 50m
  • Beach 100 m
  • Beach 300m
  • Beach 500m
  • Sb - Beach suitable
  • Sb - Rent wather pro
  • Sb - Rocky beach
  • Sb - Surfing area
  • Sn - Ambulance near
  • Sn - Bar
  • Sn - Centre near
  • Sn - Clubbing
  • Sn - Entertaiment
  • Sn - Market
  • Sn - Partyes nearby
  • Sn - Restaurant
  • Sn - Sandy beach
  • Sn - Ship tours
  • Sn - Shop nearby
  • Sn - Trips
  • Ss - Fishing
  • Ss - Scuba
  • Ss - Tennis courts
  • Ss - Walking paths
  • St - Water sports
  • A - Air condition
  • A - Balcony
  • A - Beautiful view
  • A - Ground floor
  • A - On floor
  • A - Own barbecue
  • A - Own teracce
  • A - Room service
  • A - Sea view
  • A - Television
  • Ak - Wifi
  • Ar - Fridge
  • Ar - Shower
  • P - 1 apartment on s
  • P - Accesible with f
  • P - Barbecue
  • P - Boat mooring
  • P - Family Friendly
  • P - Frogy like it!
  • P - Garden
  • P - Information
  • P - On island
  • P - Parking
  • P - Pets welcome
  • P - Quiet/Rural
  • Pb - Rocky

Area activities

The birthplace of Marco Polo was built on foundations of a Greek colony and is the historical and tourist home of the largest island in the area of Dubrovnik. Shown is the city because of the roads, which have the shape of a fish screen and because of the preserved buildings from the Gothic and Renaissance. These include the Cathedral stands Sv. Marko (St. Mark) out with their valuable interior, where works by great Italian artists are kept.

The inhabitants of Korčula maintain their customs in the medieval knights game "Moreška", which takes place on the streets of the city.

The light Mediterranean cuisine for even the pickiest palates of gourmets a challenge. Among the gifts of the sea (mussels, fish, crabs) and the delicious desserts, such as "Cukarin" Dubrovnik "Rozata" and "Klašun" excellent fit the wines of the island - Grk, Pošip, Plavac, Rukatac.

Near the town of Korcula is an archipelago located about 20 uninhabited islets, thickly overgrown with vegetation but are easily accessible. As is, inter alia, the slightly larger island Badija with pebble beaches and a beautiful Franciscan monastery.

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