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Michaela Apartments in Sevid are two modern apartments have sea view, are air conditioned and have Internet access. The apartments are new, fully equipped and located close to the beach, to 70 meters .

Apartments offer space for barbecue, children´s playground, and guests are available garden with organic vegetables. Shops, restaurants and the center of the town is located about 60 meters. By convention, you can provide a shuttle service from the airport or railway station.

Sevid will charm you with crystal clear waters and unspoiled nature. Sevid is a small tourist town of Split and Sibenik 40 km, 20 km from Trogir, city under UNESCO protection, 16 km from Primosten, 10 km from Rogoznica and 60 km from Krka National Park.

Apartments and Michaela are the perfect choice for those who want a peaceful holiday , away from city noise and crowds. Hospitable locals will make your holiday even more pleasant and beautiful. Here you are completely hidden from the hustle and bustle of the city, yet close enough to everything. Sevid is sunny and hidden nook that will give you a true Mediterranean holiday.

Above Sevid the climate "breaks", this means that if the rain all around, here you can still sunbathe. Maybe because it is the protector of the place Sveti Vid, who is a saint for protection against thunder and lightning storms. There are also the remains of the church of St. Vitus on hrhu hrbička because the Slavs verjemajo to Sveti Vid sees everything. A special natural phenomenon in Sevid is a wind that blows from one side of Sevid and makes swimming on the other side for a real quiet enjoyment, as this is not the same peninsula. 2 minutes difference, the other side of the peninsula, on the one hand mogač wind blowing to the other is completely quiet, a phenomenon that will be hard to find elsewhere in Sevid, this everyday. Holidays in Sevid guests describe as a pleasant visit with friends, sunny, happy, tolep and Dalmatian.


Sevid is a small tourist town in the municipality Marina with 254 residents . When you visit Sevid, you can see how residents value the long-standing tradition of fish , olives and wine.

Although part of the marina , is also an integral part of Rogoznica County , which is in Sibenik Knin County . Sevid is always on the border , and far from the action , calm and peace.

The resort is located a few hundred years ago , the townspeople were chosen for the patron St. Vid, to which honour was built a church. The Church of St. Vitus is located on the southern outskirts of the village Sevid . It is dedicated to St. Vid , after which the village was named . Most early data Sevid from 13 th century , while the church is not mentioned . At this location is a little residue belonging to the church , it is assumed that the near buildings built of stone churches . You can see the remains of the church today .

Most of the tourist villas in Sevid are actually family house, built with a view to run far away from everything , including tourist centers . Although the remote location , here you can find excellent restaurants and pubs . If you do not want to eat outside , but cook yourself , you will find a local store store everything you need . If you are looking for in Sevid nightclubs , you can immediately stop because you will not find .

If your idea of fun diving, do not worry because the Coast Sevid very extensive and ideal for nautical adventurers and divers .

Sevid has a beautiful beach . It is surrounded by crystal clear water and numerous islands . Sevid is full of small beaches , sand , gravel , stone and concrete . All rooms are accessible within 10 minutes walking distance , but the most famous beach in the bay of Stari Trogir , where you can see the remains of an old Roman villa , which has served the Romans for shelter and harbor.

Special natural phenomenon in Sevid the wind blowing from one side sevid and makes bathing on the other hand, real quiet enjoyment, as this is not the same peninsula .

Untouched nature and friendliness of the people are one of the many qualities that make Sevid for a unique place for a holiday. Far from the everyday hustle and bustle and noise of the city you this little Mediterranean town offered primarily peace and tranquility .

The pleasant temperatures , pressure and humidity of the air is steady mist almost never . But lots of sunshine , the average number of sunny hours is 2580 is not the year .

There is also a tradition to be re- born and nurtured , it is bringing life back into the possession of the family so that each property operates as a family business . These are places where you can buy homemade brandy , brandy , olive oil, wine , as well as fresh fish , therefore make sure you find the food in this family domestic households .

The city has tourist office, post office, restaurant Lantern , restaurant , Toni , cafe , shop and butcher . Private apartments in Sevid are mainly facing north and south, so that you will not be blinded by the morning sun and afternoon you will also feel .

Sevid is a picturesque fishing village , located between Split offers . Trogir and Primosten . In its hidden coves peace and pleasantness fisherman´s village and numerous pristine beaches , while offering proximity to some of the pearls of the Adriatic coast such as Trogir , Split, Sibenik, Krka waterfalls , Plitvice Lakes or in the cavity of Croatia, the advantage is near the airport Resnik Split and Zemunik in Zadar , as well as ferry lines to Italian coast.


  • Beach 100 m
  • Beach 300m
  • Beach 500m
  • Sb - Beach suitable
  • Sb - Lonely beach
  • Sb - Play area
  • Sb - Rocky beach
  • Sb - Surfing area
  • Sn - Ambulance near
  • Sn - Bar
  • Sn - Bus stop
  • Sn - Centre near
  • Sn - Entertaiment
  • Sn - Fkk beach
  • Sn - Marina
  • Sn - Market
  • Sn - Partyes nearby
  • Sn - Pebble beach ne
  • Sn - Pool nearby
  • Sn - Restaurant
  • Sn - Sandy beach
  • Sn - Shop nearby
  • Sn - Train station
  • Sn - Trips
  • Ss - Canoeing
  • Ss - Fishing
  • Ss - Hiking
  • Ss - Scuba
  • Ss - Walking paths
  • Ss- Bycycle paths
  • St - Beach
  • St - Dog beach
  • St - Frogy's low
  • A - 2 bedrooms
  • A - Air condition
  • A - Balcony
  • A - Beautiful view
  • A - On floor
  • A - Own teracce
  • A - Radio
  • A - Room service
  • A - Sea view
  • Ak - Microwave
  • Ak - Wifi
  • Ar - Bath
  • P - Babycot
  • P - Barbecue
  • P - Boat mooring
  • P - Deckchairs sunsh
  • P - Family Friendly
  • P - Fenced
  • P - Fishing trips
  • P - Frogy like it!
  • P - Garden
  • P - Information
  • P - Not on island
  • P - Owner rent a boa
  • P - Parking
  • P - Pets welcome
  • P - Playground
  • P - Pool on site
  • P - Quiet/Rural
  • Pb - Private beach
  • Beach less 1 km

Area activities

Sevid is hidden enough from the city noise , but also close enough to see everything . Sunny and hidden corner of preserved nature is ideal for a real Dalmatian holiday .

Although it is small , Sevid has everything you need : shops, restaurants, bars , clean sea and beautiful beaches . It is ideal for family holidays with children , both during warm days of summer as in winter.

Sevid is a small town for a beautiful holiday in the center of Dalmatia , the most beautiful oasis with clear blue sea in Croatia . Away from the everyday hustle and bustle is the right place for an intimate romantic holiday . Beautiful nature and friendly hospitable people that will remain long in the memory , this is a picture of sevid .

On the coast , near the border between the Northern and Central Dalmatia , the ped a few hundred years ago built their homes of fishermen and farmers. Locals are still involved in the cultivation of olives , olive oil production , the cultivation of vineyards , wine pressing and cultivation of spirits, and fishing. In every house in Sevid can buy olive oil, wine and spirits, and when the fisherman returned to the sea , even the most fresh fish .

This part of the Adriatic is one of the most comprehensive , so it will be very like sailors . As the locals call it , is in Sevid was always more oil than rain .

Sevid is a nice little town of Riviera Marine family houses for a peaceful and pleasant holiday , far from the hustle and bustle of cities . The city is located the archaeological remains of the Church of St. Vitus , after which the city was named . There is also the most famous bay , protected archaeological , Old Trogir .

Sevid within the municipality belongs Marina Split Dalmatia County . Sevid is the place to which we can say that the virgin nature . Nearby cities have Trogir , Rogoznica, Primosten , Sibenik, Split and castle . Sevid is suitable for nautical tourism , because the coast is very extensive .

Sevid population is engaged in agriculture, which is dominated by vines , olive trees and fishing. Offer culinary products is a key activity of the locals . It is always on the table virgin olive oil, salt sardines , dalmatisnki prosciutto, goat cheese from the Dalmatian hinterland , high-quality lamb, fish , shrimp , mussels , lobsters and quality wine produced in a centuries-old local wineries .

The offer hospitable locals Sevid site you will also find day trips to nearby islands, where you will find beautiful places for those who like robinzosnki way of life. Sevid and its surroundings are always ready for the arrival of guests , here are the local pubs, restaurants , pizzerias , cafés, a large number of apartments of private property , sports and recreational facilities , cultural events and entertainment visit events , art exhibitions , concerts of classical and popular music . Just as every city in Dalmatia his " fešta " , it also has Sevid, and tourists are involved , either as performers or spectators .

Nearby sevid are sites that are inherently cultural monuments : Sibenik, Trogir and Split . Mountains Mosor , Kozjak and Biokovo , in the vicinity , and from them you will have breathtaking views of the attractive islands of the Adriatic , Hvar, Brac and Vis . They are suitable for mountaineering.

Tourists who want to have fun at night , have the opportunity to visit discos in Trogir, Split and Primosten, where you can at the famous names of Croatian and foreign showbiz fun until the morning .

Sevid transport is very well connected to other tourist destinations , both in Croatia and in the world : Split airport , highway and ferry port Split .

Trogir is situated on a small peninsula located between the small hills on the land between the coast and the island of Ciovo . Little town has 12,000 inhabitants and is the center of the region , which covers 250 km2 . It has a very rich history .

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