Apartment Zara, Rtina, Zadar, Dalmatia, Croatia, Adriatic sea


We have modern furnished 4 bedrooms with two bathrooms, summer kitchen, outdoor dining area and fireplace, a sandbox for the kids, so that the two families (a total of 8 to 10 people) have it by us most comfortable. The apartment is air conditioned, has a TV, Internet access and parking space.

While adult enjoy culinary delights and drinks, children play on bowling place. Apartment Zara is only 200 m away from the beach, to the nearest shop you need 2 minutes on foot.

Apartment Zara is located in Rtina, between Zadar and the island of Pag. Rtina lies on the western side of Bočertina Peninsula, facing Ljubač Bay to the west and Island Pag´s southern end on north. This side of the mainland is protected from the bura wind sweeping through Velebitski Channel on the other side of the peninsula.

The scattered groups of houses, hamlets along the Pag road (Miletići, Benići, Vrankovići, Stošići, Miočići) were combined into one settlement, Rtina, which received its name after Cape Artina.

The quiet, crowd-free coast of Ljubač Bay in Rtina is not what is typical for the Croatian side of the Adriatic. However, several locations in the area has similar beaches (Nin, Vrsi, Ljubač).

Most of the beaches in Rtina are gravel with concrete larger or smaller terraces here and there, for example the length of the concrete coast strip in Miočići is several hundred meters.

On the SW end of the beach, in Plemići Bay, at the mouth of Jaruga Creek the beach is sandy and the swamp here, just like in Nin, is believed to be heeling.

There are several restaurants available for lunch or dining, Miočići Beach has its own bar, next to the small harbor.

If desired, can be retracted from the crazy bustle of the city and at the same time enjoy a dynamic holiday, because the Rtina quiet Dalmatian village, but close to the center of the holiday events: Zadar, the old town of Pag, waterfalls of Krka, Kornati, Paklenica ...

Everything is ready and - looking forward to your visit!


  • Pb - Sandy
  • Beach less 1 km
  • Beach 300m
  • Beach 500m
  • Sb - Beach suitable
  • Sb - Rent wather pro
  • Sb - Rocky beach
  • Sb - Skiing on wathe
  • Sb - Surfing area
  • Sn - Ambulance near
  • Sn - Bar
  • Sn - Bus stop
  • Sn - Healing mud
  • Sn - Market
  • Sn - Pastry shop
  • Sn - Pebble beach ne
  • Sn - Restaurant
  • Sn - Sandy beach
  • Sn - Shop nearby
  • Sn - Trips
  • Ss - Fishing
  • Ss - Flights with pa
  • Ss - Scuba
  • Ss - Walking paths
  • Ss- Bycycle paths
  • St - Beach
  • St - Frogy's low
  • St - Water sports
  • A - 2 bathrooms
  • A - 4 bedrooms
  • A - Air condition
  • A - Balcony
  • A - Beautiful view
  • A - Own barbecue
  • A - Own teracce
  • A - Room service
  • A - Sea view
  • A - Television
  • Ak - Wifi
  • Ar - Bath
  • Ar - Bath
  • Ar - Shower
  • P - 1 apartment on s
  • P - Barbecue
  • P - Fishing trips
  • P - Frogy like it!
  • P - Garden
  • P - Information
  • P - Not on island
  • P - Parking
  • P - Parking
  • P - Playground
  • P - Quiet/Rural
  • Pb - Pebble beach
  • Pb - Rocky

Area activities

Rtina is a quiet town, 25 km away from Zadar and is recommended for young families and the elderly, respectively. all those who love to spend peaceful vacation.

You can spice up your day with a visit to the Illyrian fortress or go Pag bridge, which provides a beautiful view of the entire neighbourhood.

Every year, there are also organized by the International Swimming Marathon, in restaurants but also serve excellent island Pag specialties, dagnajmi and other seafood.

We have it all ... sun...sea ...fishes.., songs ... the joy of life ... for your family and friends. In Dalmatia you start to live again!

"This is probably the most beautiful sunset in the world!" He murmured Alfred Hitchcock, when he drank Maraschino on Zadar´s waterfront. In his statement agree many tourists who enjoy the view of the embrace of the sea, the setting sun and the sky every night colored with different colors.

For young people, of course, on the island of Pag always more interesting Zrće, which are remote from Rtina a good half hour.

Rtina is a small town and lies, as its name says, in a large cape with an altitude of 43m. It is this plan is the most northern part of the mainland part of Dalmatia and is Paški bridge connects the island of Pag. Rtina is about 3 km from the place Ražanac and about 2 km north of Cape Ljubljana, where there are the remains of the fortress from the XII. century. Both the cape clasped Bay nobility. The first written historical sources of Rtina dates back to the famous poet George Baraković (16th century), who mentioned that his great-grandfather for their prowess in battle with the Mongols of the Hungarian-Croatian king Bela IV. awarded to the three estates in the villages of nobility, Brus and sharp Rat. Ostri Rat is today called Rtina.

Mud in Rtina and its mud wraps are excellent anti-rheumatic. Rtina is a small idyllic village of Dalmatian village, ideal for families with children, but also for those who want to spend their holidays in a pleasant and quiet atmosphere.

Guests who like active holidays will not be disappointed, because the resort offers a range of activities such as surfing, kite surfing, jumping from cliffs, interesting cycling and trekking tours. In particular satisfaction represent circular boat tours around the Velebit channel (Karin sea, Novigrad Sea, Maslenički bridge, Pag bridge), cycling or romantic afternoon walk up the hill Vrtlom. Gastronomic offer of this place perfectly formed Dalmatian cuisine. I

n Rtina you will enjoy the many specialties (fresh fish, shellfish, Pag cheese, Dalmatian smoked ham, spicy dishes with olive oil, lamb, ...) All this, of course, a glass of local wine, as there is a long tradition, which will also be impressed to you.

Check our offer, book accommodation and enjoy the pleasant and peaceful ambience of a small town.

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